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~you treat the patients, we will manage your practice~

Financial clearance is KEY to maximum reimbursement.  You stay in control with true transparency from us within your existing or recommended practice management system.

Founder and President

Yvonne S. Gates-Perry is Founder and President of Physicians’ Management

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To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive approach.

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Financial Clearance is KEY to Maximum Reimbursement

Physicians’ Management Services is a Revenue Cycle Management Consulting Group, and we play an important role in healthcare. We provide several services that would benefit any healthcare practice for you, the provider. Our three decades of consulting and patient accounting services has led us to the required expectations of a Consultant in the 21st century.

Our services will relieve medical professionals of tedious detail tasks and offer a solution to substantially maximize the practice’s bottom line. Managing revenue is vital for any business but may not be the primary focus of the providers. However, providers need revenue to pay for supplies, equipment, salaries, and other expenses incurred in the day-to-day operations of their offices. Revenue cycle management is how an organization handles the finances and processes associated with different steps of patient care from the credentialing with the payers through a zero balance on the account.

The cycle process includes coding the provided medical services and billing the coverage verified for the patient. Making sure that patients have eligible insurance on file can help in determining costs for the procedures. Once the medical services have been provided, another key medical billing Physicians’ Management Services process emerges. We are a professional consultant company that offers a variety of highly personalized services that will meet the needs of most any healthcare provider’s office. Our expert plan of unique remote access to your current practice management system or suggested system will provide true transparency from within the provider’s office, and the provider is in control of the revenue cycle.

Physicians’ Management Services strives to offer proven, reputable, and exceptional revenue cycle services to all medical specialties. With more than three decades of experience in this field, your practice is in good hands with our trained staff and knowledge base. We are committed to staying up to date with the latest billing practices while using the latest technology available to ensure accurate and timely filing of the billing we receive.
Our fundamental purpose is to enhance and protect our clients’ value–the value they created and value they want to keep and grow. Every day our people solve our clients’ most pressing problems and help them seize new opportunities. They are smart and talented, and they love what they do. Their dedication to our clients and each other is unmatched. Their optimism for what’s next is contagious. Our clients trust us to help shape their future today. And for that we are grateful.

We are more than just a medical billing company; we will become an extension of your practice, focused on your success with proven billing expertise:

  • Billing and coding experts focused on your specialty
  • Accurate coding and fast claim submission
  •  Dedicated practice consultants and transition team
  • Cloud-based recommended practice management system
  •  Proactive accounts receivable follow-up
  •  Insightful reporting and A/R analytics
Is Physicians’ Management Services HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Physicians’ Management Services complies with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 privacy and security regulations. Privacy standards have been set up by the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure that protection of a patient’s health information from unauthorized disclosure. The Final Privacy Rule requires covered entities that transmit any health information in an electronic format to maintain the confidentiality of all personal identifiable information (PII). We conduct comprehensive compliance reviews to monitor and audit HIPAA rules. We are proud to maintain HIPAA compliance throughout our revenue cycle services.

Below is a listing of services we provide within our full revenue cycle services but not limited to:
  • Evaluate and review the current state of your billing structure
  • Remote access to current practice management software or recommend according to practice needs
  • Credential for Medicare, Medicaid, commercial payers, and hospital privileges
  • Compliance requirements per specialty
  • HIPAA document
  • Optimize fee schedule
  • Medicare enrollment (PECOS)
  • CAQH registration and completions
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Eligibility and benefits secured prior to patient’s visit
  • Coding (ICD-10)
  • Charge (CPT)
  • Primary and secondary insurance billing
  • Clearinghouse submission
  • Payment posting/adjustment posting
  • Patient balance statements
  • Collections
  • Accounts receivables audits
  • Outstanding claims follow-up
  • Customized monthly reports
~you treat the patients, we will manage your practice~