I enjoyed my training courses and externship. The staff is very generous and the environment facilities learning. I strongly encourage others to take the class. You will not be disappointed.

EB French


I love this program. Not only did I get the best training but I got excellent experience during the externship. Afterward, Mrs. Yvonne helped with my job search. I finished the program in late August and start my new job mid November. This is a growing field and with amazing teachers like Mrs. Yvonne, you are sure to succeed.



Ms. Yvonne Gates is an extraordinary instructor. She’s amazingly knowledgeable. Yvonne is attentive to each and every student, and treats everyone with respect regardless of educational background. She’s extremely encouraging and she provides her students with the skill set needed to excel not only in billing and coding but once you’ve completed this course you will have received a broad range of transferable skills that can be used throughout the medical field not limiting you to just billing and coding. I would highly recommended this course to any and everyone, .It was worth every penny spent.



 Our training was excellent and taught by our Master Teacher, Ms. Yvonne . She gave us the support needed to succeed and at the same time had high expectations for us to do our part. She broke the material into well -planned parts ,scaffolding instruction to help us reach the next level of learning. I learned a whole new skill set that prepared me for my externship which will ultimately lead to employment.



This program is extraordinary. It’s very hands-on and Mrs. Yvonne makes sure she takes her time so that everyone is in good understanding. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get in this field. If you follow directions well and pay attention to detail this is for you. 10 stars!!



I thoroughly enjoyed the medical coding and billing course. I found Yvonne to be a generous and attentive instructor. She was extremely patient as she made sure each student kept pace with the coursework and didn’t fall behind. She gave many real-life examples during her teachings to ensure her graduates would be ready to enter into the medical coding and billing industry prepared. Kudos for a job done exceptionally well!



Hi my name is Sheila and I’m currently taking Mrs Yvonne S. Gates-Perry online Medical Coding and Billing Training Course. I love the entire process. Mrs. Gates-Perry takes her time to ensure all of her students fully understand each selection before moving on to the next. We’re in class as a group but if feels like I’m the only taking the class that’s how much time she’ll spend with you. Her line of communication is always open by email, phone and texts. This class and Mrs. Gates-Perry has boosted my confidence. She’s a great motivator and she wants all of her students to proficient in practical applications of medical terminology, medical coding and billing and practice management and to succeed in this field. Thank you Mrs. Gates-Perry I truly appreciate you.



Ms. Yvonne is the epitome of educators. She is patient and intentional about her craft and insures that we are completely aware of the tasks that are put before us as students. This is a skill that is definitely worth having in these uncertain times. Thank you!!



The virtual training offered by Yvonne Gates of Physicans’ Management Services was comprehensive and on point. I feel prepared to enter the healthcare field utilizing the skills that I learned and ready to take on the challenges of this industry because of the vast amount of information that was shared. She ensured that the class curriculum was presented in a timely manner and made tremendous efforts to establish course proficiency. Thank you Yvonne!


“Hello my name is Wanda i am in Mrs. Yvonne”s Saturday Medical and Billing class, i am very excited about the class the professionalism is on point. i enjoy the interaction with the class. the speakers are very knowledgeable about their topic of discussion. Oh yes by the way i am learning. i am glad i took the class, great instructor!!.”


“”The training was excellent! Yvonne was Very Supportive.
I would like to take a minute of your time. Thanks to our instructor Yvonne Gates. The support she gives during and after class time is outstanding. I had some issues with my computer, and was not able to follow with the class during lab time. Yvonne took time to type the information in the class lab, from my instructions to make sure I was able to understand, and follow in the system. This assured that once the class was over I was able to complete the assignment. And on top of that, Yvonne took time the following day to assist offline if I needed additional help. #HATSOFFTOYOU! for not letting me become just another number in your class.”


“Shout out to my teacher and trainer for taking time out to help me with my homework notes for class. If she didn’t ask me 50 times, what does your notes say? Smh, The struggle is real and very challenging trying to learn a new skill but I’m doing it. Thank you for your help. Looking forward to the future.”


“I want to shout out Yvonne. She is the most loving and caring person I have come across in a very long. She is very patient, willing and listen attentively. This was even before I started the course. You can tell.she loves want she does, it show in the training. She is very thorough and on point. She does not move on until everyone has a good understanding of what shout be done. I can just go on and on, but I want you to experience the training for same. Don’t wait, don’t think to hard because will miss out on careering changing opportunity.”