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Yvonne S. Gates-Perry is Founder and President of Physicians’ Management Services. While she was working at Lewis and Clark Community College in the late 1980’s as the Student Loan Officer, she was contacted by a relative, Wanda Harvey, who worked as a surgical technologist at Wood River Township Hospital. Wanda shared that while they were doing a surgery case, the anesthesiologist asked everyone in the operating room if they knew of anyone who could be his office manager. Wanda said that she spoke up and said that her cousin, who worked at LCCC, knew computers. Yvonne told Wanda that knowing computers and working as an office manager in a physician’s office are very different. However, since Yvonne embraces challenges, she met with Dr. Eddie Lin at his office in East Alton, Illinois. And as they say, the rest is history. Later the next year, inspired by her father, Mr. Willie Gates, to use her expert knowledge, high moral values, and endless fortitude, Yvonne started this company in Alton, Illinois on April 1, 1990. Yvonne is stimulated by the caring spirit of healthcare providers. She is motivated to make healthcare practical for patients, providers, and families. Yvonne is responsible for technology solutions, research, and development of potential client’s needs, as well as corporate developments.